Meridius TDP Lamp

£350.00 exc. VAT

Emission method: infrared

Height: 150 cm (from the floor)

Arm length: 47 cm

Timer: Modern electronic control system that features a large clear display & soft touch controls

Infrared: The infrared light emitted by the lamp heats the tissues, dilates the blood vessels and improves circulation.

Mineral tile: Infrared and heat radiation passing through the plate is enriched with beneficial minerals that penetrate the body.

Range of wavelength: 8-14 micrometer.

Plug: Comes in either a UK or EU plug. EU plug can be easily adapted with a UK plug adaptor

Base: Strong and stable wheeled base

Head: Manoeuvrable, strong & safe TDP head with hand supports

Weight: Light weight design

Meridius TDP Lamp
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