Seirin Pyonex Round Headed Press Needles

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Seirin Pyonex is one of the top Japanese acupuncture press needles available on the market made of premium stainless steel. Being a high-quality and reliable needle it is the preferred choice for acupuncturists worldwide.

The patented plastic case and sheath allow the practitioner to insert the needle without touching the needle tip or the surface of the Micropore adhesive tape. The hypoallergenic latex-free adhesive allows the skin to breathe during treatment without causing local allergic reactions.

Seirin Pyonex features 4 colour-coded plastic cases making the needle sizes easily visible and identifiable: Yellow (0.6mm), Green (0.9mm), Blue (1.2mm), and Pink (1.5mm).

• Disposable for single use.
• 100pcs per box.

Seirin Pyonex Round Headed Press Needles
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