Meridius JET Five Plastic Handle Needles

£6.75 exc. VAT

Meridius JET range is made for those who prefer a modern approach to the traditional ways of acupuncture. Manufactured to meet the highest traditional standards, but designed to meet the needs of modern patients, Meridius JET features a silicone coating that ensures a smoother and more comfortable acupuncture session.

Featuring plastic handles, the needles are easier to hold and manipulate due to a firmer grip made possible by the texture of the plastic. The long, highly visible plastic handle has a wave-shaped surface, which makes it easy to grip and manipulate. It is made from lightweight polypropylene plastic and measures 2.0mm diameter and 20mm in length.

Moreover, being made of 100% plastic, the handle is lighter and colour-coded so the practitioner can easily differentiate between the needle thicknesses. This range of needles is not designed to be used during moxibustion therapy or electro-acupuncture sessions.

Meridius JET range is EO gas sterilised which means the shelf life of this product is 3 years giving the practitioner plenty of time to use the needles packed in a safe, sterile, and highly controlled environment. This needle range is made using a unique molding technology for enhanced manufacturing precision.

• 1 needle with a guide tube per blister
• Disposable for single-use
• 100 pcs per box
• Silicone coating

Meridius JET Five Plastic Handle Needles